Love Unleashed: Pet Loss Support Group


(Elm Grove)--No matter how hard we try to keep our pets healthy, sometimes it's just not enough, and we have to learn to cope without them.

So how do you cope when this happens? There's a local pet grieving therapy group organized for the sole purpose of helping you through this difficult time.

Red Oak Counseling in Elm Grove has been serving this community for several years now. It’s typically limited to ten people, but organizers say they are looking to expand. The group meets the first Tuesday of every month, from 7-8pm.  Veterinary Referral Center, or WVRC, sponsors the group, so there's no cost to you. Sessions are typically limited to six per person.

It’s a rather informal meeting, starting out with introductions. Then there’s plenty of talk and some tears. Members we spoke with say just sharing stories can help the grieving process tremendously. Leaders stress every word, every emotion shared is a valid one.  

Check out the Red Oak Counseling website for more information.







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