Local union leader calling out state senator


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE--A local union leader is calling out a state senator.

Milwaukee Building Trades council president Lyle Balistreri sided with Senate Democrats during last year’s collective bargaining battle.

But now he is clearly upset with their no vote on mining.

In fact, he called out Senator Spencer Coggs during a Reclaim Wisconsin event Wednesday night.

"So…Senator Coggs how bout I send 300, 400 of my unemployed guys up to your office and you can explain to them why you voted the way you did! I've had it! I've had it! "Solidarity" "I've had it," Balistreri said.

Balistreri represents thousands of construction trade workers.

During an unscheduled rant at the podium he lashed out at what he called 'ugly partisan politics' that’s costing his membership good, family supporting jobs.

Coggs and fellow Democratic Senators cited environmental concerns as the reason they didn’t pass the bill, but said they were willing to come to a bipartisan agreement that Republicans wouldn't agree to.

Senator Dale Shultz was the only Republican who voted against the bill.


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