Local priest sends out Pope's final tweet in Latin

Renown Latinist served under Benedict XVI & three other Popes


by Mike Strehlow

West Milwaukee--The first ever social media Pope began his last day as the Holy Father with a final tweet.  CBS 58's Mike Strehlow spoke with the local priest who sent out the farewell Twitter message in Latin.

"I like the idea of tweets because (you use) 140 characters instead of a 94 page encyclical that no one reads," said Fr. Reginald Foster.

For four decades, Fr. Foster served as the Senior Latinist for four Popes, including Pope Benedict, until health problems forced him to return to his native Milwaukee. 

Pope Benedict's final tweet translated in Latin by Father Foster "wished everyone could experience the joy of being Christian."

The Vatican says the next Pope will be able to use the Twitter account if he wishes.

@Pontifex has more than 1.5 million Twitter followers.  The Latin language account, @Pontifex_ln has more than 23 thousand followers.








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