Local leaders issue call for gun control

Focus is on banning assault weapons


by Mike Strehlow

Milwaukee--Standing in front of a table filled with assault weapons siezed by Milwaukee Police, Chief Ed Flynn, Mayor Tom Barrett, and State Representative Jon Richards made a push for what they called "common sense" limitations on firearms.

They want mandatory criminal background checks on all gun sales, a ban on internet ammunition sales, and a ban on military-style assault rifles with high capacity ammo clips.

"You do not need 50, 60, 70 bullets to shoot a deer. And even if you're dealing with self-defense...you don't need 50, 60 70 bullets in a magazine" said Mayor Barrett.

All three also believe it should be a felony for a straw purchaser to buy a gun for a criminal.

Chief Flynn says 69 of the 86 people murdered in Milwaukee this year were shot to death.

Touching on the Sandy Hook School tragedy, Flynn said "We've got to get beyond the yelling at each other and start talking about how do we limit the likelihood of the horrific event we saw last Friday occur again."


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