Selig at Miller Park talks with local kids about steroids


by Keith Meka
by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE -- "We got where we are by being vigilant and we will continue to be," said Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig during a visit to Miller Park on Wednesday.

The real reason for the commissioner's visit was to talk to area children about the dangers of steroids.

It's an event that's been on the scheduled since February, but coming so quickly on the heels of the Ryan Braun suspension, the Commissioner did meet with reporters and talked briefly about how proud he is of the progress the league has made in combating steroids.

But when the topic turned to Braun and the disappointment of many fans, this was how Selig responded:

"We're in the midst of an on-going investigation,  I'm a fan like everybody else, I watch 15 games yesterday, but for me to comment now would be inappropriate."

Hundreds of local kids took part the National Play campaign at Miller Park.

It stands for promoting a lifetime of activity for youth. The kids not only learn how to play the game, but also injury prevention, strength and conditioning along with healthy eating and the dangers of steroids.

Of course this event is very fitting considering Ryan Braun's suspension for performance enhancing drugs earlier this week.

Brewer's pitcher John Axford and the team's training staff worked with the kids on the field.

Don Hooton of the Tyler Hooton Foundation talked to them about the dangers of steroid use. Tragically, Hooton knows all too well about steroids.

Years ago his teen son was taking them. They caused depression and the boy his own life. Hooton says on average 25 to 45 students at all highs in the United States are using steroids.  



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