Local impact of a possible Government shutdown


by Keith Meka

MILWAUKEE - Some Federal workers here are bracing for the worst on Monday night as the clock ticks down to a possible government shut down. Chue Yang works in the Milwaukee office of the U.S. Department of Labor. He says a lot of people in his office are nervous about losing their paychecks for awhile. Sherrie Tussler, Executive Director of the Hunger Task Force says poor women who rely on nutritional vouchers and accounts will begin getting cut off within a week of a government shutdown. Tussler says within two weeks, The Hunger Task Force will lose 220-thousand pounds of government commodity food. That food is used for the Stock Box program that feeds about 10-thousand local seniors every month. Marquette Professor of Finance David Krause believes a shutdown would likely be short term. Something like when a blizzard hits D.C. and the government shuts down for a day or two. He believes the much bigger concern comes in a few weeks if the U.S. defaults on it's debts by not raising the debt ceiling. Professor Krause says would impact the markets and raise interest rates.



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