Local farmer worried about corn crop


by Matt Doyle

Milwaukee -- One year ago we were talking about a drought that was affecting farmers. This year we're talking about the excessive amount of rainfall we've had over the past few months. That amount of rain has many farmers worried about this year's corn crop.

"Making it awful hard to get the crops planted this spring," Rob Schuett, owner of Schuett Farms in Waukesha County, said.

Schuett's corn crop shrunk this year.

"Having to leave about 175 acres that we never did get planted."

An up and down weather season can shoulder the blame.

"Awful hard to beat the weather. I don't think anybody can do that."

Schuett says it's part of being a farmer, but the rain has come in such bunches - the ground can never dry out in between.

"I don't know whatever happened to our half-inch rain but I don't think we get it anymore."

The old saying "knee high by the fourth of July" applies to some corn, but some comes up to your ankle, others to your shoulder.

"It just depends when it was planted and if it flooded out in that area and had to be replanted."

Some areas of his farm remain flooded - where last year it was dried up.

"We're talking a completely different situation this year."

Prices could be higher too if the crop doesn't turn out as well. For Schuett, the changing weather makes days like this long.

"You work like crazy when the weather's dry and then when it turns wet, you wait for it to dry out."


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