Local eBay Drop Off Store has worldwide connections

Sell It Now Store helps sellers get top dollar for collectibles & antiques


by Mike Strehlow

Wauwatosa -- An Ebay drop off store in Wauwatosa is making a name for itself by helping customers collect dollars for stuff that had been collecting dust.

The Sell It Now Store on Bluemound Road just west of Mayfair Road, is Wisconsin's largest eBay drop off store, and one of the top eight in the country.

Owner Michael Boerschinger and Operations and Listing Services Manager Nichole Pirolo are lifelong collectors who use a worldwide marketplace to bring high bids for items with a value of $250 and up.

"It's a worldwide venue that really allows us to sell things sometimes for two to three times what it's worth" said Boerschinger.

For example, vintage juke boxes can sell for much more in Northern Europe than the United States.

Pirolo said "The neat thing is you get to connect with people all over the world and find out that the Happy Days craze never died in Europe."

The Sell It Now Store charges a 25% commission and 9% eBay fees. 

Mike and Nicole also host monthly live auctions at the store that are simulcast on the internet to propective buyers throughout the world.

Their weekly radio program Sell It Now Radio airs Sunday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. on Joy 1340 AM.










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