CBS 58 Food Drive Wednesday

For Hunger Task Force


by Michele McCormack

WEST ALLIS-On Mondayafternoon, a call came into the Hunger Task Force food warehouse that they've gotten used to hearing this year.

A family in dire straits really struggling to find a way to feed everyone, especially for Thanksgiving.

The caller was Democratic Lawmaker Jon Richards, so moved by the family's plight that he stopped by to pick up food and supplies for them personally.

"They're a typical family," Richards told CBS 58 News, "they're working, but it's just really really tight."

It's with that in mind that on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, CBS 58 is teaming up for a day long food drive at State Fair Park.

Starting with the CBS 58 Morning News, we will be broadcasting throughout the day as people drop off their food or cash donation at the US Cellular Main Gate.

Hunger Task Force not only distributes food from its warehouse, but supplies hundreds of soup kitchens and shelters in the area.

The mission is to end hunger and malnoutrition by allowing every person in need to obtain food with dignity.


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