Local Running Races Have 40 Degree Difference


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE COUNTY- Two running races in the Milwaukee area had a difference of about 40 degrees.

At the Milwaukee County Zoo, 2,200 runners braved single digit temperatures for the Samson Stomp.

"Got like six layers on top, two on bottom, extra socks," says runner Stacey Theil.

Despite the frigid temperatures and roaring wind, organizers say today's turnout was the biggest in the event's 33 years.

Not far from the zoo at the Pettit National Ice Center, about 100 athletes raced in a marathon called the Icebreaker. Runners circled the track 95 times indoors with the temperature at about 50 degrees.

"There are very few marathons in the month of January in the United States. It's because of the weather," says Race Director, Chris Ponteri.





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