Local Runners Qualify for Boston Marathon


by Elizabeth Fay

WEST BEND -- Matt Krueger of Oak Creek crossed the finish line in West Bend with an American Flag in hand and a message for Boston on his back.    

"Just to show respect when I crossed the finish line for victims who lost their lives and where injured," says Kruger.

The Director of the Adrenaline Marathon, Richard Dodd, describes the race as a celebration. "Especially considering that the culprits out in Boston have apparently been apprehended. There is really not a lot of worry about the safety of our course."

In case of emergency, first responders and physicians were onscene. You always have to worry about things like that, hopefully, it doesn't happen in our town, but everybody thinks that. You always have to be prepared, "says Dr. Stacy Lynch of Froedtert Clinic.

Several runners earned their spot in the Boston Marathon at the race. They say the bombings will not keep them from running, in fact, it gives them a good reason to run it.

"The running community is really strong. I feel like next year it will be even safer than ever," says Michael Borst who finished the race first.

" As Americans, we can't just run and hide when stuff like this happens. We have to go out there," adds Krueger who placed third and qualified.

Even Dodd, who ran the Boston Marathon and experienced the terror first-hand, plans to return. He says, "After finishing and I re-qualified for Boston myself and the bombings and aftermath, I pretty much made up my mind that I want to go back. It's going to be a show of solidarity, out in Boston, I think for runners."



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