Local Lottery Winner Steps Forward


by Michele McCormack
by Laura Rodriguez

OCONOMOWOC---Betty Christopherson, the 76-year-old Megabucks Jackpot winner credits bean soup with her stroke of luck.

When she stepped forward Tuesday to claim her $3.15 million prize, she told CBS 58's Laura Rodriguez that it was on her way home from her niece's house, after delivering some soup, that she decided to gas up.

She said she remembered it was Wednesday and decided to buy 2 different $2 quick pick lottery tickets.

Christopherson says she realized the day after the drawing at around midnight that she had won because she read online that an Oconomowoc resident hadn't claimed their prize.

But since it was midnight and very quiet in the retirement community where she lives, "I couldn't tell anyone and share my excitement."

The avid bowler and golfer says she plans to give some money to her kids and grand-kids and maybe even take a vacation.

The outgoing woman received the check at the location where she bought the winning ticket, and she was surrounded by family and lots of friends from her senior housing facility.


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