Local Hunter Wounded by Recalled Gun


by Michele McCormack

DOUSMAN---Ed Lytge was just reaching for his shotgun when it went off.

If it hadn't been for his hip wader boots, he's convinced he would have lost his foot.

It happened along the Bark River in Waukesha County.

His brother Fred saw it all.

"Just before he got a hand on it, it went off," Fred told CBS 58. "It caught me off guard. It shot up into the air."

Making matters worse is that only after the shooting Ed discovered the Weatherby 12 gauge had been recalled.

"How in the heck can someone sell a shotgun under recall and I'm not getting any answers," Ed complained after he says he called the Walmart in Watertown where he purchased the firearm.

CBS 58 called Walmart as well. A customer relations representative tells us they will offer Ed a full refund if he returns the gun.

A more formal statement soon followed:

"Walmart takes product safety very seriously. We are working diligently to find out exactly how this may have happened and we are determined to getting to the bottom of this.

We are glad to hear Mr. Lytge is going to be okay and we definitely want to do the right thing. We will thoroughly review the matter and will be reaching out to the customer to address the issue."

Ed says he's handed over the firearm to the DNR.

He says it's not about the money, it's that somebody would unload a display weapon on him.

"It was their responsibilty to pull that shotgun and keep it off the shelves. It was their responisbility to send it back to get it fixed and they did not."


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