Little local impact of government shutdown initially


by Matt Doyle

Milwaukee -- Federal employees will feel the pinch of a government shutdown.  Yet unless you plan to visit a National Park or the Washington Monument, the odds are the government shutdown won't affect you. 

"Milwaukeeans like most Americans, are not going to notice much immediately," Marquette Associate Professor of Political Science John McAdams said.

Federal workers could be told to stay home Tuesday if Congress fails to find a compromise to fund the government. 

"If you're wanting a passport, it won't be processed while there's a government shutdown. If you're looking for a visa, if you're looking for a license that has to be processed by a Federal Agency, you'll have to wait for that," McAdams said.

The government shut down for 21 days in 1995-96.  McAdams said both parties are fighting for policy and think they have incentives to hang tough, even if the government shuts down.

"It could end up like the two teenagers full of testosterone actually playing the chicken game with the proviso that probably no will actually be killed, but it could last a while," McAdams said.


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