Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Advice that could save your life during a mass shooting
by Stephanie Brown

MILWAUKEE -- Law enforcement specialist warn shootings like the one in a Portland, Oregon mall can happen anywhere, but there are things you can do that may save your life.

A Portland mall was terrorized by 22-year-old Jacob Roberts who killed two people before killing himself. Local Terrorism Expert Brian Dorow says they're trained and ready, but says your reaction could be what saves your life.

Dorow tells us the only time you fight is if you think you're the next victim. In all other situations he says, "Get away, play dead, don't become a threat, move away, go to a closet undert a rack of clothes."

It's the officer's job to go towards the threat, so the information you provide during you initial 911 call is crucial. Officers know these situations are chaotic, and remaining calm can keep you alive.