Last Minute Summerfest Preps

It's Crunch Time


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-The Summerfest grounds are buzzing with crews hard at work unpacking supplies, tying up wires, building displays and making sure there's plenty of Wisconsin's favorite drink on tap.

"Our teams are running on a lot of adrenaline," John Boler of Summerfest tells CBS 58 ,"it's almost showtime."

This is the 45th Anniversary for the music festival which was voted among the top ten in the world.

Opening day Wednesday at noon will bring temperatures in the 90's.

Organizers say they will have the usual number of cooling stations, misting areas, splash pads and first aid centers.

If a heat advisory is declared they will increase the numbers.

CBS 58 is once again holding its "Fan of the Day" contest. Just pose for a picture with a CBS 58 fan to keep cool and if your picture shows up on the 10 o'clock news you win a basket full of prizes.


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