Kenny Wallace talks with CBS 58 Sports

practice run at Milwaukee Mile


by Michele McCormack

WEST ALLIS-Nine time winner Kenny Wallace did a practice run at the Milwaukee Mile Wednesday.

Next week is ARCA fest.

"This race means so much to me, Matt Kenseth, and Kyle Busch that we're gonna be here," Wallace told CBS 58's Kevin Holden.

The Mile has racing history but it no longer has nationwide series racing, Wallace said there's a critical reason why.

"What it's gonna take is a seriously great promoter," he said, 'the last promoter, he didn't pay his bills and it ruined this NASCAR nationwide race. We need to get a promoter in here that is straight up and cares and treats everybody right."

Wallace also took time to remember Wisconsin legend Dick Trickle who died in May.

"Dick took me under his wings and taught me a lot about life," Wallace explained, "he taught me you must first finish to finish first.

"He'd say 'my boy if you're going to keep wrecking your race car are you going to have a chance to win?'

ARCA Fest is a two day event. There are preliminary trials on Monday. There's also a concert by .38 Special.

Race day is Tuesday, July 9th.


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