Keeping traditions in Whitefish Bay


by Michele McCormack

WHITEFISH BAY---It's a motley crew of merry music makers.

Some in revolutionary dress, others in whatever they could find that looks festive.

Named after the street where they live, the Sheffield Block Party draws spectatorsand the parade mascot Bessie the Cow.

That's the way they've done it for 60 years now.

"For me personally it's been really special," Carl Trimble tells CBS 58 News. "I really don't remember fourth of July before this, I've been doing it for 36 years or so."

It is with some sadness that they welcomed a new band leader. Founder Fred Niedemeyer passed away from cancer earlier this year.

But Fred's collection of flags still fly between the trees, letting all who pass by know, something special is going on here.

"It's tough but we're trying to keep it light," Fred's daughter Nancy explained. "And trying to remember him in a special way."

Yes, at first glance it's an odd collection of patriotic misfits. But this represents generations of tradition.

And along this little block, it means a lot.



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