Kaplan College to Close Milwaukee Campus

CBS 58


by Sandra Torres

MILWAUKEE---Kaplan College will close 9 campuses nationwide, including the one in Milwaukee.

School officials say they will no longer enroll students at the Milwaukee campus, but students who are curently enrolled will be allowed to finish their programs.

The college, which offers nine month long programs for health services, will officially close up December of 2013.

Kaplan College released the following statement:

"Effective September 27, Kaplan College Milwaukee is no longer enrolling new students and teaching out its current programs as we consider alternatives for this campus. This action is a part of our continued commitment to serving our students and a national market consolidation in areas where we anticipate job opportunities related to the campuses' current, career-focused educational programs may not be as plentiful as they once were. The school’s leadership team will work closely with current students to help them finish their programs as planned and its Career Services team will continue to focus on assisting them with finding jobs.

Our sister institution, Kaplan University, remains available to serve students online and at ground campuses across the nation, including at a Kaplan University Learning Center in Milwaukee."


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