Judge's son accused of murder

Ruled not fit to stand trial


by WDJT Assignment Desk
by Stephanie Brown

MILWAUKEE-- The son of a local judge is facing homicide charges.

32-year-old James Donegan is accused of stabbing Teresa Boone to death on September 2, 2012.

After testimony from two doctors, a Milwaukee County judge ruled Donegan is not fit to stand trial at this time.

James Donegan appeared in court via teleconference with his attorney.
Donegan still maintained at Monday's hearing he is not mentally ill and is perfectly capable of assisting in his own defense.

The first doctor who testified by phone agreed. She admitted Donegan seems to suffer from Schizophrenia, but seemed logically able express himself.

Another doctor who's spent time with Donegan while in custody testified Donegan still has psychotic views.

Shortly after being arrested and while in custody Donegan tried to gouge his right eye out.

He said a message in the Bible told him to do it.

After being transported to the hospital, Donegan refused treatment for his eye and mental illness.

The judge set the next competency hearing for the beginning of January.


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