Judge has harsh words for Milwaukee man convicted of murder


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- 20-year-old Laquan Riley was sentenced to 30 years in prison for shooting and killing a man outside a liquor store at 50th and Hampton.

The family of Vincent Cort paid tribute to his memory by wearing the color orange, the color of his most prized possessions. The bright orange car he personally built, and what apparently lost his life over. His sister Theresa Cort says, "He loved that car, and anywhere you went you saw that bright orange delta flying down the street."

Laquan Riley, George Taylor and Steven Donte-Hopgood plotted to carjack Cort back in 2010. Hopgood supplied Riley with the gun. Riley shot Cort in the chest after the attempted carjacking.

The judge not only lashed out at him, but the parents who raised him. Milwaukee County Judge David Borowoski said, "Mr. Riley while you're the one who is going to go to prison, your mother needs to take responsibility for raising someone whose a danger to this community and a menace to society."

Judge Borowski said Riley's juvenile record was long. He basically spent his young life in and out of juvenile institutions. "Your mother should be embarrassed and disgraced at what she's raised," said Judge Borowski.


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