Johnson Creek Outlet Mall Put on Lockdown


by Michele McCormack

JOHNSON CREEK---Mall workers say it was around 6:45 p.m. Tuesday night that police put the south building on lockdown.

Nobody was allowed to go in or out of the stores for about 30 minutes.

Police confirm to CBS 58 News that they were investigating a bomb threat.

CBS 58's Rielle Creighton has learned that a mall employee found a typed threat under some clothing.

A sweep of the area turned up nothing.

"It was weird," one mall worker who couldn't give his name told CBS 58 news. "But, after what happened near the Brookfield Mall, you understand why police respond the way they do."

It was a reference to a mass shooting at a hair salon across the street from the Brookfield Square Mall back in October.

Johnson Creek police confirm they responded to an incident around 6:30 p.m. They say while the mall was partially evacuated no bomb was ever found.

There were no injuries.

The scene was cleared in about an hour.

State Police and the Sheriff's Department were part of the response Tuesday night.

Police are still searching for the individual who made the threat.


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