UPDATE: Milwaukee Mayor joins Attorney General on Slain Officer's Behalf


by Chris Patterson


WAUWATOSA -- Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen issued a letter urging the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund to include Wauwatosa Officer Jen Sebena on the memorial in Washington D.C.

Attorney General Van Hollen says, "I strongly disagree that Officer Sebena's death was not in the line of duty. I strongly disagree with any suggestion that a line of duty death cannot result from an incident of domestic violence."

Supporters of Jen Sebena launched an online petition to have her name placed on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Wall. Click here to sign that petition.

Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber says, "I concur with the Attorney General and feel the decision should be re-evaluated, and corrected to reflect Jennifer's sacrifice."

Calls and emails to the memorial wall offices have not been answered. The WI Professional Police Association (WPPA) says their office has been inundated with calls from angry fellow law enforcement following Sebena's rejection. The WPPA issued the following statement Tuesday night via its Facebook page:

 "After learning that the National Law Enforcement Memorial has preliminary decided not to add the name of Jen Sebena to its walls, the WPPA has been actively reaching out to the board members to express its disgust with this decision and to ask that they reconsider this matter."

Late Wednesday Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett issued that said on the wall itself reads the inscription it's not how they died that makes them heroes. It is how they lived.

"Her work and sacrifice ought to be memorialized with those other fallen officers, " the mayor wrote.


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