Is Our Tornado "Drought" Ending Soon?


by Chris Patterson

SULLIVAN -- It's been close to two years since the area saw a tornado.  It was Fond du Lac County in June 2011.  The storm was a rather weak one. Since then, our focus has been on the extended drought.  Obviously without rain clouds and storms, you can't get tornadoes. 

However, Meteorologist Rusty Capela with the National Weather Service in Sullivan feels confident turbulent times are ahead with future weather patterns.  He sees stormier times with a more active jet stream, winds above us about thirty thousand feet.  Couple this with lots of Gulf of Mexico moisture, helping fuel the thunderstorms.  However, the chillier Lake Michigan could affect storm development.

Southeast Wisconsin averages ten tornadoes a year.  Of course the latest technology helps with advanced warnings.  But even with all the modern advancements, the experts say this is why you need to be proactive and prepared.  They recommend purchasing a battery-powered weather radio in addition to having a message alert system on your smartphone.  We've got a free app for your First Alert Weather, including alerts.  Sign up now.  Also be sure to tune into CBS58 and the First Alert Weather team when severe weather strikes.  And while you have some down time, make sure to check out our weather page on this site for ways to protect you and your family during severe weather. 


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