Investigators Find No Weapon After Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says investigators did not find a weapon from the man who an officer shot and killed on Saturday.

Chief Flynn gave more details about the shooting Monday afternoon. He says it all began when Officer Shawn Pecoraro, 38, responded to an armed robbery that allegedly happened at 17th and Layton. Pecoraro spotted the suspect, Daniel Kleinmann, 28, running so he started chasing after him. Chief Flynn says the interaction between the two made Pecoraro fear for his life so he reached for his gun and fatally shot Kleinmann.

"The officer has very little time to make a judgement. These are basically combat situations," says Kleinmann.

Police never recovered a gun from the suspect, but a few people including the robbery victim, reportedly saw a weapon. The victim told police he met Kleinmann at 17th and Layton to buy car parts from him.
That's when Kleinmann allgededly robbed the victim and left.

"A weapon was reported by the victim and the information was put out over the radio to the officer, but no weapon was recovered at the scene," says the Chief.

"The guy did fire at the officer and I believe the officer was more than within his means to protect himself," saw Aron Gilbert who tells us he witnessed the incident.

The Chief remains tight lipped about the details that prompted Officer Pecoraro to open fire.

"All those facts will come out and I will leave it to the DA's office to issue their finding," says Chief Flynn.

He says Milwaukee Police are trained to quickly decide when it's necessary to use deadly force.

"No matter how much and how authentic you try to make the training, it's impossible to completely replicate the stress and the anxiety and the fear that enters in the circumstance in which you believe your life or the lives of others are at risk unless you take direct action."

We also learned today that Kleinmann was supposed to be locked up at the Washington County Jail serving an eight month sentence for identity theft. He reportedly was allowed to leave the jail to visit the dentist but never returned. That happened five days before the deadly shooting.


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