Hunger Task Force issues call for farm volunteers


by Nate Kuester

FRANKLIN -- The Hunger Task Force has issued a call for volunteers to help them in the battle against hunger by literally getting your hands dirty. 

More than one in ten Wisconsin homes are considered to be food insecure. However, many in the Milwaukee area take time out of their day to work on a local farm.
Volunteer Chuck DeGraw said, "You gotta' get out and see what we do."
DeGraw and others provide the sweat equity the Hunger Task Force needs to feed  many hungry Milwaukee families by working at their farm in Franklin. The hundreds of acres of farmland cultivated by the organization represent a truly unique and hyper-local answer to food insecurity in the area.
Hunger Task Force Director Sherrie Tussler said, "We grow our own food. And we're able to move that food out to our own pantry network, soup kitchens, homeless shelters. Low income seniors throughout Milwaukee County are able to receive fresh farm-grown produce because we have a farm."
While there is little question the work is physically demanding, it is clearly a labor of love for volunteers. 
"It's very rewarding for me because I'm doing something for people," said Degraw. "But I'm also selfishly doing something for myself."
A small group of volunteers recently helped out the harvest efforts by picking corn by hand at the Hunger Task Force farm. Though they were a small group, all that hard work added up quickly.
Farm Development
Farm development director Matt King said, "We're looking to bring in over a half-million pounds this year. So as you can imagine, with increased acreage that means increased labor. And so we have an increased need for volunteers."
The hunger task force remains hopeful that more volunteers will step forward to help this harvest season.
"They're going to be working hard," said Tussler. "But they feel really good at the end of the day about knowing that they helped somebody in need."
"We could not work this farm without volunteers," King told CBS 58.
Without the farm, area families in need would face empty cupboards more often. To volunteer at the farm, call (414) 777-0488 or send an email to  More info can also be found at 



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