Hundreds picket school board in Kenosha


by Tiffany Tarpley

KENOSHA—More than a hundred parents, students and teachers picketed outside Kenosha Unified School’s headquarters Tuesday evening.

The effort was part of Kenosha Parents for Children, a group that formed at the beginning of the school year in opposition of changes made to education in the district.

“This isn’t just a few malcontents showing up at the meetings voicing their concerns, said Teacher and Kenosha Education Association Vice President, Scott Farnsworth. “This is a significant issue they need to recognize, acknowledge and respond to.”

Some of the issues include changes made to the middle school honors program, how the district is spending money as well as larger class sizes.

Kenosha Unified’s Executive Director of Communications, Tanya Ruder said budget cuts have fueled most of the changes.  “Many of the concerns they have we would love to address, we just don’t have the funds to do so,” she said.  “We tried to share that, we tried to emphasize that time and time again but unfortunately we just don’t have the funds to bring back more staff right now.”

Ruder said next year they will be able to hire more teachers.

As for the concerned parents, teachers and students, they feel the district can do more and has not been responsive.  Ruder said the board has heard them and recommends calling the superintendent’s office to set up a meeting to discuss the issues.


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