Hundreds of Young People Gather for Fire Victims


by Michele McCormack

WEST ALLIS---Hundreds of young people filled the block where two teenagers lost their lives in a house fire.

The tragedy happened Sunday morning and even though extra counselors have been available at each of the boys' schools, there is an overwhelming sense of grief that brought the classmates and victim's family back to the scene to release balloons.

14-year-old Michael Gonzales died with his 14-year-old friend Isiah Kobow.

Michael's younger brother managed to get out then returned to save ahis 4-year-old brother.

He could not get past the flames again to save Michael or Isiah.

"It just seems unfair," Johnny Gonzales, Michael's father told CBS 58 news after the balloon release Tuesday night. "I wake up in the morning thinking is it real and then I realize, it's real."

There's been no ruling on a cause for the fire.


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