Hundreds call for peace from Washington Park


by WDJT Editor

Hundreds of people called for peace in the streets of Milwaukee after an especially violent summer.
"I've seen a lot of gang members jumping each other saying disrespectful things to older people and it's bad," says Calvin Malone who came out to Washington Park for the annual Summer of Peace All City Parade and Rally.

Members of the community held anti-bullying and anti-violence signs as they marched down Sherman Boulevard to promoting peace. "I wanted to show everybody that we care about the Earth and we want it to be peaceful and nice and beautiful," says Layla Kemp who walked in the parade.

The group ended their walk at Washington Park where a rally with performances brought hundreds of people together.
"We have a responsibility of creating a stronger connection between young people and adults. When you do that communities are safer," says Norma Balentine of the organization Safe and Sound.

CBS 58's Elizabeth Fay reports from the event.


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