Hospitals bracing for tough flu season


by Stephanie Brown

MILWAUKEE -- A recent increase in flu case in the Milwaukee has emergency rooms preparing for a surge, but say unlike Chicago Milwaukee isn't in crisis mode. Jeff Smith from St. Lukes Aurora says, "We have specific plans whereby we can make sure have equipment people need mask to help prevent spread of flu from patient to patient."

Hospitals around Milwaukee have instituted a rolling diversion where ambulances rotate flu patients between hospitals so one isn't more overwhelmed than the others.

Health officials say the group most affected by the spike in flu cases is seniors. 85-year-old Clyde Stapleton says he's never gotten a flu shot, and says, "Not afraid of anything at my age. If the good lord wants me then he's got me."

State health officials say this flu season they've seen double the number of hospitalizations related to the flu compared to the last three years.


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