High Winds Topple Trees and Whip Up Waves

Six to Eight Foot Waves Along Milwaukee Shoreline


by Michele McCormack
by Sandra Torres

MILWAUKEE-High winds created quite the spectacular and sad imagery Tuesday.

Countless people gathered along the lake to watch huge waves.

Officials wish folks would stay away and definitely stay off the water.

"They get a little erratic closer to the break wall," Shawn Wells of the Coast Guard explained about the waves, "Where they're going, to be bouncing in different directions, it makes it difficult to be safe."

Meantime on Milwaukee's north side Donna Khimani is lamenting a tree that finally toppled after decades on her family's property.

"Well, it's gonna be a different property," Donna told CBS 58 News, "Once this is gone, it's been here for over 30 years."


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