Hero Officers of the Oak Creek Temple Shooting

Tell Their Story on Tuesday's CBS Evening News


by Michele McCormack

OAK CREEK-For the first time Lt. Brian Murphy and Officer Sam Lenda tell their stories to a television reporter for a national audience.

The CBS Evening news is scheduled to air the interviews Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. But the network says that may not happen given other news of the day.

In the lengthy account, Lt. Murphy recalls just how loud the gunshots were as he faced off against a Neo Nazi gunman at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek back on August 5th.

Lt. Murphy suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

"The sound of the shots is extremely loud," Lt. Murphy recalls, "it's not like the movies. It's not just little pops. It's loud. So, you wind up having some kind of tinitis. Your ears are ringing."

In one of the interviews more dramatic moments Murphy explains the changes that came over him as he ducked under a car for cover, with a wound to his neck.

"I'm under the car. It's very quiet. Things got warm and cozy where you just feel like I'm gonna stay here. I'm just going to sleep now."

Officer Sam Lenda who wounded the shooter also recalls taking aim at a moving target.

"I start giving him commands," Lenda explained, "Get down. Drop the weapon. He starts moving in a southerly direction. And I start firing at him. We hear another round go off. We didn't know he had shot himself. We thought we were still taking fire."

The first television interviews air Tuesday on the CBS Evening News at 5:30 p.m.

Then later on CBS 58's Ten at 10, the unseen portions of the interview.


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