Group marches through Milwaukee, protesting MPD


by Matt Doyle

Milwaukee -- A demonstration in Milwaukee's Riverwest area caused a stir Saturday.  A march against police violence rally that many community groups fear is actually being used to encourage violence against police.
"Cops in our hood, ain't no good. Cops in your hood ain't no good," a group of protesters chanted as they walked north on Holten Street.

The protesters marched against the Milwaukee Police Department Saturday.

"There's just not enough good ones out here," Payton Smith, a protester, said.

The controversial flyer seemed to advocate violence against police.

"It was kind of disturbing when I saw the flyer," Peace For Change Alliance President Tracey Dent said.  "When I saw FTP - everybody knows what that means."

The chants and music echoed that. Playing the famous NWA rap song before the march.  None of the organizers wanted to talk on camera either - saying they hate the media .

But some participants offered advice to the police department.

"The more people that hop on board with it, the more people it draws attention to the situation," Smith said.  "The more the cops won't have anything to hide behind. It's too many people out here protesting saying this needs to stop."

"More cameras in the cop cars and in the streets. So they can see what really happened," LaLois Cole-Belezak said.

Peace for change alliance president tracey dent says he didn't know who organized today's event.

"I know that the families of misconduct do not support this because they do not want to send out the message of FTP," Dent said.

He said because today's group spanned more age and racial groups - MPD could get the message.

"It just shows you the frustration that starting to spread across Milwaukee.  Different ethnic groups is out here protesting.  You have the right to freedom of speech, they're going to vent in their way."

MPD did not comment on the situation, however the department did have officers following the protesters.


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