Governor Walker delivers State of the State Address

Governor lays out five priorities to offer "bright hope for the future."


by Mike Strehlow

Madison--The Governor's third State of the State address lasted 33 minutes, had more than 50 rounds of applause, and focused on five priorities; develop the workforce, transform education, reform government, invest in infrastructure...and his number one priority?  Create jobs by among other things, passing a mining bill.

The Governor said "one of the best ways we can show the people of Wisconsin that their state government is focused on jobs, is to pass a bill that streamlines the process for safe and environmentally sound mining."

Offering the democratic response was State Senator Chris Larson, a Milwaukee Democrat and the Senate Minority Leader.  "You just heard calls for bipartisanship from the Governor.  The policies he proposed are not bipartisan" Larson said after the speech.

The Governor will be much more specific about the proposals he introduced tonight when he delivers his two-year budget early next month.





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