Governor Walker Speaks With Memorial Fund Chairman on Behalf of Slain Officer


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE---During a visit to Milwaukee Friday, Governor Scott Walker disclosed that he had spoken personally with the board chairman that ultimately will decide if Wauwatosa Officer Jen Sebena's name gets on the Law Enforcement Memorial Wall in Washington D.C.

Walker acknowledges that the board was in a tough spot, but he along with the State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, the WI Professional Police Association and thousands of citizens who signed an online petition, believe since she was in uniform and on duty when shot dead she should get the honor.

The names committee rejected Sebena because her husband is charged with the crime and it is domestic violence related.

Here is the statement issued by Craig W. Floyd, Chairman and CEO of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund:

Washington, DC- "Our Board of Directors met today and decided to reconsider an
earlier determination by our Names Committee not to include Wauwatosa (WI) Police Officer
Jennifer Sebena on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

"We are very sensitive to the unique circumstances of this case and believe that further
research and review is warranted. The Memorial Fund will continue to examine and investigate
this case in the coming months, and will be reaching out to the Wauwatosa Police Department
for further information and assistance.

"A final decision will be made on Officer Sebena's case no later than early 2014. We
regret the delay, but want to make sure that our Board of Directors makes a fully informed and
correct decision."


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