Gov. Walker Reacts to Election Results


by WDJT Editor
by Sandra Torres

MILWAUKEE---Gov. Scott Walker reacted to Tuesday's election by saying Wisconsin voters are very independent.

"They listen to what the candidates have to say and they're not going to be swung one way or the other by a party, but rather by what they think is important in that given race," said Walker after a news conference at VETransfer in Downtown Milwaukee.

Walker added that Wisconsin voters want results, and compared President Barack Obama's victory to his own recall victory five months ago.

"They (voters) want to give people a shot. I think in some cases, they wanted to give the President a shot... an opportunity to fulfill his term to see where it went, the same way they gave me a chance," said Walker.

Walker said as of Wednesday morning, he had not had a chance to speak with Congressman Paul Ryan, but planned to do so later today to wish him well.


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