Google under fire over illegal prescription meds


by John Cuoco

WASHINGTON DC- A new report released Monday is asking Google to crack down on websites selling illegal prescription drugs.

The report, from the Digital Citizens Alliance, said that the internet giant is promoting the sale of the drugs, without prescriptions, through

Videos that work as ads point viewers to websites and links where they can obtain the drugs.

"That's not something I want my ten or 12 year old daughter to see," Tom Galvin, Executive Director of DCA, said.

Within the report, it also claims that Google made profits off the videos.

USA Today ran a similar article recently about Google and the ads.

In a statement to CBS 58, Youtube said.

"We take user safety seriously and have Community Guidelines that prohibit any content encouraging dangerous, illegal activities. This includes content promoting the sale of drugs. YouTube's review teams respond to videos flagged for our attention around the clock, removing any content that violates our policies. We also have stringent advertising guidelines, and work to prevent ads appearing against any video, channel or page once we determine that the content is not appropriate for our advertising partners."

Galvin said, with the DCA report and USA article published, Google and Youtube have taken down hundreds, possibly thousands, of videos.

In the course of the DCA report, they also found videos for making bombs, fraudulent documents, and prostitution.




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