General Mitchell passengers headed to Oklahoma


by Tiffany Tarpley

MILWAUKEE--Passengers flew out of General Mitchell Airport Monday evening to Oklahoma City where a tornado touched down leaving behind a path of death and destruction.

"I know it's a tragedy," said Emily Smedlund. She's visiting her grandmother and parents in Edmond, Oklahoma which is about 30 minutes north of one of the hardest hit areas, Moore, Oklahoma.

During the storm, she communicated with her parents through texts.  "They're just in storm shelters or closets right now, I mean, they were just a little bit ago but they did say it passed them safely so they're okay."

Barbara Griffis traveled to Denver Monday but later in the week she plans to visit family members in Oklahoma City.  When CBS 58 spoke with her she hadn't yet heard from her loved ones.

"No cell phone contact or anything," she said.  "Terrible devastation at Moore and I don't know how far that is from Oklahoma City because Oklahoma City is really spread out but I know the city I know that it's not that far."



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