Local salons hold fundraiser for Brookfield shooting victims


by Sandra Torres

BROOKFIELD—Every day, hundreds if not thousands of people stop to get a haircut or a manicure at their local salon, but today, that otherwise routine errand held a special meaning in the Milwaukee area.

Every five to six weeks Jody gets her hair cut at the Carenza color cutting experience Salon in Brookfield.

“Karen’s been my hair designer for 6 or 7 years,” said Jody.

But today that haircut will mean more than just a fresh style.

A portion of the money she pays for the service will go to the victims and families from the Azana salon shooting.

"To be able to be a part of that is a nice thing," said Jody.

And that’s exactly what Jan Seybold, owner of the salon, had in mind when she became one of the organizers for the fundraiser.

“We are hoping this will ease some of the financial difficulty that they could be going through right now,” said Seybold.

The all day event called cut it out drew the attention of dozens of salons.

"It's amazing the kind of response we got. 114 salons in Milwaukee, Madison, Sheboygan, Illinois. As far away in New York, New Jersey, Georgia, California. People really were affected by the tragedy and the first thing everybody wants to do is help," Seybold said

That effort is bringing small businesses together in the midst of tragedy.

"It’s not just the salons, it’s the Milwaukee community that’s trying to stand with them and being supportive in a really difficult time," said Seybold.

Another way to help is to buy purple ribbons at participating salons.

Not only will you make a $5 donation to the cause, but you will also help spread awareness about domestic violence.


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