Fun at the Food Drive


by Michele McCormack

STATE FAIR PARK----CBS 58 was up bright and early Wednesday, well before dawn, to prepare for an all day food drive for Hunger Task Force.

Tom, Jennifer and Lance of the CBS 58 Morning News were the first on scene to broadcast the morning show all morning long and encourage viewers to drop off any food or cash donations they had to spare.

By the time the noon show began, things were picking up.

Many beloved mascots also turned out from McGruff the crime dog to Roscoe from the Milwaukee Admirals Hockey Team.

Throughout the day members of the CBS 58 News team dropped by to keep the donations flowing.

One donor, Shelly Brilla of West Allis, said it was her way of feeling as if she belonged to a community.

"I don't have any grandchildren," Brilla told CBS 58, "so this is my way of taking care of children who need it."

It also happened to be one of the warmest days that any of the volunteers can remember.

That explains why Larry who now builds motorized bicycles came by on one of his creations.

He issued a challenge to viewers of CBS 58 News at 5:00.

"I throw down the gauntlet," Larry declared, "the rest of you bring canned food here."

It must have worked, by the end of the night between individual donations and huge corporate deliveries some 35,000 pounds of food had been collected.


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