Fuel Spill Contaminates Water in Washington County


by WDJT Editor

JACKSON, Wis. -- John Fenton has been living in a hotel for more than a week, waiting for crews to clean up a massive gasoline spill behind his home in the town of Jackson.

“Every day it gives you new surprises and anxieties,” said Fenton.

The pipeline leaked approximately 55,000 gallons of fuel at the site. West Shore Pipeline Co. says the line has been repaired, but the Department of Natural Resources says chemicals were found in certain wells, so they’ve warned Mr. Fenton and two other homeowners in the area that their water is affected.

“I've got an outhouse outside now and I’ve got water and such, but I can’t turn my water on because it'll go into the septic system," said Fenton.

Department of Natural Resources spills coordinator Scott Ferguson tells CBS 58’s Sandra Torres that they’re waiting to obtain the results from well samples taken on July 25th. Those results will determine whether the water is clear of contamination.

"You look at the DNR, doing what they need to be doing for this particular kind of pollution, they're covering it, and that gives you some comfort,” said Mr. Fenton.


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