Froedtert Hospital staffer diagnosed with Tuberculosis


by Becky Mortensen

MILWAUKEE --- A Froedtert Hospital staffer has been diagnosed with Tuberculosis. The hospital says it is a single case and it was caught in the early stages, which minimizes the risk of transfer to other people.

Tuberculosis is a respiratory infection caused by a bacteria that's spread through the air person-to-person. The symptoms include a bad cough that lasts for weeks and chest pain.

Froedtert says 40 patients and 100 staff members and physicians have been notified of the TB case. The hospital is providing free testing.

Froedtert released the following statement:

"A single case of very early stage tuberculosis recently diagnosed at Froedtert Hospital poses no threat to the general public, staff or to other patients receiving care at the hospital.
The individual is receiving treatment at home and is expected to fully recover.
The risk of other people developing TB from contact with this person is extremely low. TB is not easily spread. Continuous, close contact over an extended period of time is needed to transmit the illness. It cannot be spread by touching an infected person. TB is preventable and curable.
As a precaution, we notified approximately 40 patients and 100 staff and physicians who may have been in contact with this individual. We are providing free TB testing to them as part of a standard protocol."


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