Free Wedding Dresses for Extraordinary Brides

Zita Bridal Giving Away Dresses Wednesday and Thursday


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-Zita Bridal Salon is taking part in the "Brides Across America" effort to show more support for our troops and their families.

Either active military members of the brides to be of active military members can pick a dress from a wide variety of styles and sizes, ranging in prizes from several hundred dollars to several thousand.

Wednesday was the first day of the two day event.

What motivates the salon to take part?

"Their stories and being able to help them," Marina Kuhn explained to CBS 58, "being able to help them find their dream dress is very rewarding for us."

The salon is located at 760 North Jefferson near Mason in downtown Milwaukee.

It opens at 10 a.m. Thursday, but many are lining up hours earlier. The dresses are available on a first come, first serve basis.


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