Fourteen indicted in Milwaukee crack cocaine ring


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE- There are a total of fourteen people that were indicted for their involvement in a Milwaukee crack and cocaine operation.

Two members of the group, Larry Hooker and Cedric Greer, are still on the loose.

The group as a whole is being indicted for drug trafficking, money laundering, and gun offenses.

"You look at drug deals in the community and it is devastating," Assistant Chief of Police Patrick Mitchell said.

The gang's concept was a simple one, they pooled their money to buy large amounts of cocain, converted some to crack, they stashed drugs in a couple homes around the city, and sold the poison on Milwaukee's East side streets.

Much like the crew's business plan, their goal was also simple, they used the drug money to get nice things and live lavish lifestyles.

Authorities confiscated $59,000 cash, seven cars, three guns, and expensive jewelery.

It took cooperation to bring down this group. Local, state, and federal departments joined up to make this bust happen.

Some those arrested here could face life in prison.


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