Former Scott Walker Aide Sentenced to Jail Time


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-Kelly Rindfleisch was sentenced to six months in jail and three years probation Monday after pleading guilty in the John Doe investigation.

She was also granted family and work release privileges, and the judge stayed the sentence when her defense attorney made it clear he would appeal.

Rindfleisch was an aide to Scott Walker when he was county executive and last month entered a guilty plea to doing campaign work on the taxpayers time and put herself at the mercy of the court.

According to investigators she worked on Republican Brett Davis' lieutenant governor campaign while she was clocked in for work at the county courthouse.

She is one of several former aides who have been charged in connection with the probe into government corruption launched by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.

Another defendant's sentencing has been delayed since she is expected to possible testify against others in probe who have decided to take their chances with a jury.


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