Former Miss Wisconsin on the air in OKC when twister struck


by Michele McCormack

BROOKFIELD -- Residents of Brookfield are relieved to hear that native Alex Wehrley is fine and broadcasting to her fellow Oklahoma residents hit hard by Monday afternoons twister.

Wehrley, Miss Wisconsin 2009, is now a broadcaster in Oklahoma City.

She does an afternoon entertainment show which quickly changed its format to serve residents at the time of disaster.

"I'm so shooken up right now," Wehrley told CBS 58 Anchor Michele McCormack during a telephone interview just two hours after the tornado tore through a housing development in Moore, OK.

"It's just heartbreaking," Wehrley explained, "and devastating. It's just too close too home ya know. The movie theater that was hit I've been there. I've driven down these roads that you can't drive down now. We completely transformed our show.  And we became a community station where we we're telling people where to go where they could get help. It absolutely gave you a new sense of purpose."


If you have a connection to Moore or Oklahoma City and are waiting to hear from relatives or already have checked in with them, CBS 58 News wants to hear from you. Give us a call at 414-607-8140.


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