Former Marquette star passes on call with embattled owner


by Mike Strehlow

Los Angeles --Former Marquette player now Clippers Head Coach Glenn "Doc" Rivers finds himself caught in the middle of a very ugly situation involving Clippers' owner Donald Sterling, and racist comments Sterling is alleged to have made.  In a conference call with reporters Monday, Rivers said Sterling reached out to him but he refused to speak with him.  "I would just like to reiterate just how disappointed I am in the comments attributed to our owner.  And I can't tell you how upset I am, our players are," Rivers said. 

On Tuesday night, the Clippers will play their first home playoff game since the racist rant surfaced.  Some are calling for a fan boycott, but Rivers says his players, coaches, and the community need support more now than ever and hopes for a huge turnout.  The NBA will hold a news conference Tuesday afternoon to make an announcement about its investigation into Donald Sterling.




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