Former MATC Employee Sentenced for Embezzling from College


by Britni McDonald

MILWAUKEE -- 44-year-old Kristin Seimitz was sentenced to three years in prison and three years supervised probation for embezzling more than $250,000 from MATC.

Over a five year period, the former MATC employee charged more than 100 purchases like laptops, furniture, and vacations to the college's credit cards-- cards she was responsible for overseeing to prevent fellow employees from doing exactly what she did.

In Milwaukee County Court this morning, Seimits claimed it stemmed from an eating disorder she's struggled with for nearly 30 years.

"What happened here only came out of a lack of self worth and the need I felt to buy the people I wanted to love me," she said.

Prosecutor David Feiss said, "I don't think that she would have stopped on her own. I think she needed to be caught."


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