Former Hamm Coach Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Coach Stacy Maloney Says Accuser Is Out for Money


by WDJT Editor

WEST ALLIS-A federal lawsuit alleges that instructors at the popular Swiss Turners School of Gymnastics have been engaging in sexual activity with each other, with students and the parents of students.

At the center of the lawsuit is Stacy Maloney the mentor of Olympians Morgan and Paul Hamm.

The lawsuit was filed by a woman named Sarah Banck, an employee at Swiss Turners for more than ten years.

She claims she was recently fired by the school after refusing several unwanted sexual advances by Maloney.

Banck also alleges that a sexually charged atmosphere existed during her time at the school.

Maloney declined an on camera interview, but did say that Banck's original complaint was dismissed by the EEOC and that this new lawsuit has no merit.

He also says Banck is just trying to get some money.

Ms. Banck has not returned messages left by CBS 58 for comment.


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