Fond Du Lac Woman Ordained As Catholic Priest


by WDJT Editor
by Sandra Torres

MILWAUKEE-- A Fond du Lac woman has been ordained as a Catholic priest in Los Angeles as part of the Roman Catholic Womanpriests Movement.

40-year-old Jennifer O'Malley is the first woman priest to serve in the Los Angeles area as part of the movement.

O'Malley grew up in Fond Du Lac, went to Catholic school and college in Wisconsin, but now lives in Southern California to continue her mission.

"The call of God and the community around me is a call that's higher than an unjust and oppressive law created by some men," said O'Malley.

The Roman Catholic Canon Law does not allow women to be ordained as priests in the Roman Catholic church. Just a few years ago, the Vatican decreed that any woman who sought ordination would be immediately "punished with excommunication."

"There is no basis in scripture or in the ministry of Jesus for the exclusion of women," said Alice Iaquinta, who is also a woman priest, but in the Wauwatosa area.

"It's such a moving experience... it's very moving for me when I'm at the altar, when I'm presiding and praying and I see new people crying, it gets me all choked up," said Iaquinta.

Iaquinta says in her experience, more people are beginning to accept women in a presider role.

"We really look forward to providing the voice of women within the church," said O'Malley.


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